Welcome to Hafford Central School


We will be having our second literacy assembly on October 17th to kick off EDUCATION WEEK!

I had sent home a note with report cards in June suggesting students spend time reading over the summer to boost our reading scores.  I want to emphasis that spending 10-15 minutes each night reading together will make a HUGE difference for students.  We have many, many new books in our library for students to read.  We encourage students to look through the library and take some out!  The OVERDRIVE platform also allows students to take out books online.  Let's improve our school-wide reading scores!




Magazine Campaign

The magazine campaign is underway.  Please support our SLC fundraiser as this helps to pay for school activities for students.

The first few weeks have been busy preparing for the activities that will happen during the year and we think this is going to be a fantastic year!  Please plan to get involved as it helps to build morale and to make the year more enjoyable!




Football practices continue even after the first two wins of the year!  Way to go team and keep up the great work.  Football game tonight versus Macklin.  Game time is 4pm rain or shine!

Volleyball is underway!  Mrs. Linnell and her volleyball experts put on another great clinic for our Volleyball players.  Mega Volley is just around the corner!


SLC Activities

The magazine campaign and Blue and White Day are the two  main activities for our SLC this month!  Thanks to our leaders who are working hard to make things run smoothly but with some excitement!


Birthday wishes!

Happy birthday to Kory, Shaye, Morgan, Abigail, Jessica, Nicholas F, Logan, Toni, Conor, Steele J, Daylon, Tiana, Dawson, Hailey P, Alicia R, Krystiyan, Nakelka, Ian, Max, Steele T, Courtney, and Rayna who have birthdays in September!



We are slowly making our way through the registration forms.  Grade 12s will have career couselling later in the month to help them solidify plans for their future.

Grade 12 students  must have 24 credits in order to meet Ministry standards for graduation.  Students should make an appointment to see Administration if they are unsure of the number of credits they have earned. 

High School students need to remember that full course loads ensure they will meet all criteria for graduation and for entrance into post-secondary institutions.


Parents can  sign up for HomeLogic and view their children's progress.  To sign up, simply go to the Homelogic tab on the Living Sky School division website and follow the instructions after clicking on "new user" in the sign in box.


We have a Facebook page!!  You are able to follow us by just clicking on "LIKE"! 

We are on Twitter!  You can follow us @haffordschool.



Our SCC President is Mrs. S. Gall.  If you have ideas you wish to share with her, or other members of the SCC please contact them. 

Other members of the SCC are:  Mrs. Shannon Flath, Vice-President; Mrs. Cathy Tkachuk, Treasurer; Mrs. Christina King; Ms. Dana Prystupa, Mrs. Amy Fendelet, Secretary; Mrs. Laurie Dickson.    

We were unsuccessful in our grant for new playground equipment.  However, we have a plan!  At our next SCC meeting on September, a plan will be proposed to see that we can update our equipment and make it more accessible.  We will share the plan with you once the SCC has met!


Some important dates to note:

September 23:  Blue and White Day (HAFFORD vrs MACKLIN @ 4)


September 26:  NO SCHOOL

September 29:  Terry Fox Walk

September 30:  Football at Biggar 4pm.

October 5:  PreK reading in the Library

October 6:  Football at 7 under the lights versus Hague

October 7:  Holodomor Mobile Classroom

October 10:  NO SCHOOL

October 17:  Literacy Assembly

October 19:  Pancake Breakfast

October 20:  Bus Driver Appreciation Day

                      Farm Safety Presentation

October 24:  NO SCHOOL

October 27:  Early Dismissal

                      Turkey Bingo (tentative date)

October 31:  Halloween!  Fall Fun Fest




Our monthly newsletter can now be found in the Public Menu on the top left hand corner of this page.

Online Calendar

We are now using the online calendar to share events.  Please check regularly as it is updated frequently.  A paper copy of the calendar is also attached to the back of the monthly newsletter should you require one.  Also, a full school calendar including events and important dates has been sent home with the youngest in the family.



 The Upcoming menu on the left side of this page is a small glimpse at the upcoming events and important dates that are approaching. This menu is calendar sensitive, meaning once the date has passed it will be replaced by another upcoming event.


Mrs. Gonda has updated the Library page on the website. Please take the opportunity to browse the page by clicking on the library link located in the Public Menu.